About The Whirlwind

Handmade fabric and lace jewelry inspired by eye-catching color combinations and patterns

Hi there! I'm Marie, the sole maker behind The Whirlwind, where I've been creating unique jewelry from fabric and lace in my home studio close to Dallas, Texas, since 2010.

I started out in the world of fine arts and graphic design, and that experience helps me today when working with a rainbow of colors and from the inspiration of past art periods.

Both new and vintage materials are used in my jewelry, all carefully chosen for their quality and uniqueness. I especially love finding new ways to re-use vintage pieces that would otherwise be stored away and forgotten.

I strive to make jewelry that can satisfy the desire for something trendy while staying timeless, whether someone is looking for a pop of color to add to an outfit, a neutral piece that can be worn with anything, or a special gift for for a friend or family member.

If you ever have a question or would like a custom order created just for you, send me a message from the contact form to get started.

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