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The Whirlwind

Teal Lace Heart Earrings On Brass Bars

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This pretty 3 hearts lace is hand painted a vibrant teal green color, which goes perfectly with the shiny gold of the brass wires and earring hooks. Since the lace is painted, it is no longer soft and flexible like normal lace, but is stiff so it's easier to keep its shape. The earrings are long at 3 and 1/4 inches, but are so lightweight you'll barely feel them!

Full length - 3 1/4 inches
Width of heart shapes - 2 inches
Lace - painted teal green
Wire and earring hook - brass
Earring backing - clear rubber
Care tips:
- Lay flat or hang when not wearing.
- It's best to not come into contact with water, makeup, and other chemicals (just put on when you're done getting ready, and you'll be good to go!).

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